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(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • QUESTION: If I see a Bracelet that I like, but I want a different type/style, can I get that?

  • Answer: Yes, all Bracelets can be made at your request.

  • QUESTION: How long after placing my order will it be shipped?

  • ANSWER: It will be shipped on the following days: Mon, Thurs, and Fri, if the bracelet you request is already made and in stock. 

Done-to-order requests are shipped 2 days after placing an order.

  • Question: How long will my package take to get to me?

  • Answer: Your packages will take 3-4 business days.

  • Question: What would I do if my package was shipped 1 week ago and I still haven't gotten it?

  • Answer: Shipments can be delayed for a number of reasons. Call the nearest post office(s) and give them your tracking number to see if they got it or use the tracking URL sent to email with your order update.