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Image of Charka Waistbead Belly Chain

Charka Waistbead Belly Chain

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Waist Beads are an ancient tradition of jewelry that's handmade with glass seed beads (4mm, 6mm) and customized specifically for you.

💫 It was created by royalty to adorn the body as a status symbol, as well as control weight and instill confidence and beauty into the individual that wears them.

💫 Ultimately, waist beads are a wonderful tool for women to tap into their femininity.


• A blend of color combination fine seed beads.

• Multi-purpose waist beads - can be worn around the waist, neck or ankle.

• Summer beach holiday style, This waist bead chain is great as a gift for a woman or a girl.

***Properly Measure Your Waist***

Place the measuring tape at the exact area you prefer to wear your waist bead.

Do not tuck in your stomach when measuring for belly chains.

Allow for wiggle space when measuring for breathing room.

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